High Quality Locks for Every Application

Standard Cam Locks
Penn Lock Corp. has standard cam lock products to meet virtually every security requirement. Call today to discuss your unique needs, or go to Build Your Lock to select your standard lock specifications.

Other Standard Products
Penn Lock Corp. also supplies many other locking products to suit many requirements including, but not limited to:

Tubular Cam Locks
Mini Tubular Cam Locks
Drawer Locks
Dust Shutter Cam Locks
Sliding Door Locks
Thumb Turn Cam Latches
Mini Cam Locks
Plunger Locks
Mailbox Locks
... and more

Need a custom engineered product?
Penn Lock Corp. designs and manufactures quality die cast locks for volume buyers at its modern, fully integrated, Pennsylvania facility. We provide quick turnarounds and a most attractive tooling program.

Just a few of our Custom Locks!

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Prototypes and Samples

Penn Lock Corp. now manufactures XL Universal Pin Tumbler Mailbox Locks to fit most common mailboxes & postal requirements. Supplied with 9 Cams, 2 Keys, Retaining Clip, Cam Nut & Lock Washer. Models HL1 KWY, XL KWY, XL H Series. Replacement Key Blanks are available!

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